Starshine Stage School

Dancing for all

Pamela Schild

Founding Prinipal.

Petrina Edwards

Principal M.B.T.D.A

Kerry Holland


I Started with Starshineat the age of 6 and from the age of 12 I began to help and assist with the baby class.  My teaching progressed from there.  I love to dance and to be teaching children to do somthing I love is an honour

Alison Fordham


I have had the pleasure to be involed with Starshine since 2006.  Over the years Starshine has produced some amazingly talented performers and teachers.  The school is going from strength to strength and I am proud to be a part of it.

Amy Edwards

Assistant Teacher

Starshine is a family business and being able to be tought by my Mum and Nan has been amazing.  I started to help out when I turned 12 and am now an assistant teacher.  I love helping chldren realise their full potential and encourage them to take a step further and try something out of their comfort zone.  Dancing is in my blood and I love to share my experience with the next generation of dancers.

Stephen Schild

Music Director